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Our independent firm is the trusted home of all three Freedom Day Solutions™

for investors that deserve peace of mind.

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Financial Planning

From the most sophisticated and complicated situations to the simplest starting points – and everything in between - we craft each family’s plan with great detail, by hand. We believe the holy grail of any plan’s execution is deeply informed simplicity. To accomplish our goal of peace of mind, your plan will be delivered on One Page, that will be clearly understood and carefully updated.


Investment Management

Your plan is balanced by investment accounts that are actively managed, in-house. Our repeatable process was designed to be improved, with buy and sell disciplines. The separately managed accounts of individual stocks and bonds, alongside our ETF portfolio have one rule in common – we eat the same ingredients, in the same kitchen. No recommendation has ever been made, in our firm’s history, that was not first learned and invested in, by our owner-operators personal savings.


Ongoing Advice

After planning and investing, stuff happens. You will have your own team of trusted guides, around every turn down the road. Our firm is unique in that it does not automate or outsource planning or investing. When you have a question, it is answered directly. Even more valuable will be the answers to questions you may not yet know to ask. If you have ever wondered why communication is not delivered more proactively, welcome home.


Freedom Day Digital

Curious about cryptocurrencies and blockchain? Learn more about how we can help you reach your goals with Freedom Day Digital. 


Your Own Sherpa

Our financial advisory firm is unique to the investment world.
We deliver both investment planning and money
management, rather than automate or outsource either function.

You will find what makes Freedom Day Solutions most different is what happens next, and for all the years that follow. You will have a personal guide for your climbs up and down across every challenge and turn. Every question is answered by a warm
voice with expert experience but delivered to you in a way you will finally understand clearly. Other questions you do not know to ask yet - will be pointed out to you proactively, that is what a trusted guide does.


Our guiding principle and most cherished feedback is

"I can ask them ANYthing!"


Because we are hands~on, we answer your questions directly and transparently.


We work together as a team to make any adjustments to your retirement plan.


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