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Ongoing Advice


After planning and investing, stuff happens. You will have your own team of trusted guides, around every turn down the road. Our firm is unique in that it does not automate or outsource planning or investing. When you have a question, it is answered directly. Even more valuable will be the answers to questions you may not yet know to ask.
If you have ever wondered why communication is not delivered more proactively, welcome home.

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We are all works in progress, and so are our Freedom Day Plans and Portfolios.


Our financial planning and investment management offices are all in-house, nothing is outsourced. Every member of our team works in collaboration for you. We are here to personally answer any questions along the way.


We are also here to proactively share advice around every twist and turn, so you do not have to worry about asking all the right questions. That’s what true partners do. Most importantly, partners can trust they’ll receive what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.




We are blessed to work with several multi-generation families. From kids’ accounts to 100+ years of age, and all of the different situations in between, we have experience in solving a wide variety of challenges. Our clients benefit from the collective wisdom not just of our team, but from each other. We have learned as much from them as they have from us, and all of that expertise is an open book for you to benefit from.


One of the finest compliments we have received was a couple describing their holistic experience with us from planning to investments to ongoing advice, as their own Family Office & Board of Advisors, to trust any question with. We do not take that kind of trust lightly for a single day around here and it inspires us to no end.

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