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Crypto Asset Management


Why consider investing?

Cryptocurrencies and crypto assets, that are governed and secured by open-source networks, can enable a new paradigm of financial and technology systems to be created.


The potential to replace centralized institutions, standing between transactions and contracts, is made possible by Blockchain technology. This open-source network can allow peer to peer deals to be made with lower friction costs and remove layers of unnecessary delays (and middlemen).


How we manage it? 

We think this wildly evolving opportunity requires expert active management in a private account in your own name, rather than any fund, product or index. FDCA utilizes full discretion from their clients to balance a combination of the established projects – Bitcoin and Ethereum – along with emerging DeFi (decentralized finance) opportunities. There is also the potential for enhanced current yields, from a portion of the portfolio.

To be clear, crypto assets are speculative investments. We believe they should only be added after safe and sacred investments are made inside a balanced plan.


Who to trust?

“In my three decades as a professional money manager, I’ve never had the opportunity to invest in an entirely new asset class. The upside is enormous but so are the risks. Whenever you are trying to navigate unchartered territories, wait until you find a native. Jackson Wood has been invested in crypto since 2012.


One of the many reasons I love and trust Jackson is that he’s never come to a conclusion or dug in his heels. He remains curious and does crazy amounts of deep dive research, which will lead us to new projects and opportunities. Also, it can lead us away from crowded conviction. I want a seasoned portfolio manager who is hands on in fully transparent accounts with disciplines and has his own skin in the game.”
-Ryan Krueger, Founder & CEO of Freedom Day Solutions

From FDCA Portfolio Manager - Jackson Wood:

“I’ve had a front row seat and been fortunate to witness the evolution and growth of cryptocurrency, since 2012. I’ve managed a portfolio of crypto assets since then, to see every turn of this new asset class. As the world shifts to digital forms of currency and ownership, we will see tremendous benefits and improvements in many large sectors of the economy, such as currency, financial services, banking, and other exciting technologies. Participants in this growth can bring tremendous benefits to those able to navigate new markets. We bring a decade of crypto portfolio management to a decade old industry, and we are now thrilled to manage this asset class to benefit the families we serve.”


"We invite you to connect with us if you would like to learn more, or speak to our team"  

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