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Investment Management


Your plan is balanced by investment accounts that are actively managed, in-house. Our repeatable process was designed to be improved, with buy and sell disciplines. The separately managed accounts of individual stocks and bonds, alongside our ETF portfolio, have one rule in common – we eat the same ingredients, in the same kitchen. No recommendation has ever been made, in our firm’s history, that was not first learned and invested in, by our owner-operators' personal savings.

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Experienced Portfolio Management

We have worked as professional money managers since 1996. Our team manages all accounts in-house. We manage separate private accounts, where clients own the underlying shares of stock and bonds in their own name. We also manage ETF portfolios, where additional benefits of diversification and tax efficiency can be found.

Active Management & Balance

Our selection process is updated every month, as are our sell disciplines. We believe in active management for our core portfolios of individual stocks, bonds, and ETFs, along with owning complementary indexes. Every nest egg we are trusted with is carefully balanced across three very different types of investments:

1) Safe

2) Sacred

3) Speculative


We explain every detail of each.



Efficient Portfolios

Just as important as measuring opportunities for upside, to make every 1% count, we look closely for an ability to eliminate unnecessary risk, costs, and taxes.  Any 1% saved from one of those three friction points is just as important as making 1%.


Clear Communication

Every investment we make is clear to see and understand, by design. We openly discuss and write about what we are doing, reading, working on, thinking, and the mistakes we’ve learned from. We do not view communicating about portfolio management as a chore, but as an absolute privilege and an exercise that sharpens our swords daily.

Skin in the Game

Our portfolio managers are happy to tell you at any time exactly how their personal money is invested.

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