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Most importantly, Sam is married to Lindsey, and they have three children who he enjoys great adventures with.

Sam is a trusted advisor and zealous advocate for his clients – as a wealth advisor and a lawyer. Sam’s interest in financial planning and wealth management began as an undergraduate at Texas A&M University, where he now serves as a lecturer in the Financial Planning program. Sam is also a graduate of Texas Tech University School of Law and a licensed attorney in the State of Texas. Early in his career, Sam was a manager at a multinational consulting firm providing tax advisory services to Fortune 500 clients. Sam now devotes his career to advocacy and trusted advice for clients in the areas of financial planning. He specializes in estate, charitable planning, legal risk management, and holistic advice for business and property owners. Sam is Partner at Webb Strahan, PLLC, a law firm in Houston, Texas.  

Sam dedicates his extracurricular time to ministry, education, and family. He has a Masters in Reformed Theological Seminary and serves in leadership in his local church, as well as on the management team of the African Business Institute in Malawi. Additionally, Sam serves as an adjunct faculty member at Texas A&M University and Trinity Law School.


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