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He smiled, after working hard all day for a little extra savings to invest.

At month end, he always employs those few dollars to start working for him.

Tiny fractions of world-class companies are owned in shares of stock.

Countless people immediately begin working around the world, for him.

While he only sleeps a few hours, his businesses operate around the clock.

He wakes up early, because he says he deserves nothing, and must earn it.

By solving problems and doing more good for more people, there can be a profit.

A portion of that profit is paid to him as a dividend, to know what’s real.

Overnight he gets a bonus, because the dividend is automatically reinvested.

Instantly, the smallest investor became a larger stakeholder.

He told me, the cool thing about stakeholders is they don’t worry about trading.

In no rush, with no need for leverage, he owns patience with simpler math.

We shared a smile and a nod to JOMO, the joy of missing out.

He told me that he believes the Stock Market is definitely a rigged system

…FOR the little guy.


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