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Earning my Freedom Day


Ryan & Mike planned their escape to freedom from Wall Street in 2006, at an IHOP over this menu. They now work from their own building in the neighborhood they call home.

A Plan Lasts Longer Than Predictions

There are countless and confusing ways to plan for retirement. Even at their best, a withdrawal rate from a projected return is a guess, and a hope.

You “Freedom Day” is knowing when your cash flow coming in exceeds your costs (needs and wants) going out. We believe in planning for something so much better than a retirement to do less. Earning complete financial freedom at any age, and to make it last longer, to do more, is what inspires our work.

There are only a few investment ingredients needed to make a Freedom Day Plan, and they have all been around more than 100 years. Not one product that Wall Street has invented and packaged has stood that test of time.

Deeply Informed Simplicity

Informed simplicity is the Holy Grail of investing. Two of many simple rules we use:

If we cannot explain it to our spouse it does not belong in our house.

If we cannot put it all on one-page, we do not have a clearly organized plan.

The Problem

There is only one big problem. Our human instincts whisper that a plan must somehow limit the upside. Too often, investors think they will wait to plan after they have enough. The trick is understanding that freedom only happens on purpose, when we plan for it.

Freedom Day Solutions™’ role is to clearly show you how a plan should be the exact opposite of limiting. It should be liberating. The discipline of a repeatable process creates unlimited opportunities.

Complexity is the enemy of execution. Freedom starts with getting organized and simplifying.

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